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Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Juan & Rosie Flore

Pastors Juan & Rosie Flores

In 1975 Pastors Juan and Rosie Flores were searching for a miracle for their three year old daughter Veronica who was suffering with the symptoms of Leukemia. After an intense search, they found their miracle while attending Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Instantly Juan and Rosie dedicated their lives to God and gave Him all the Glory for the healing of their daughter! At Lakewood they learned their authority in Christ Jesus over all of life's challenges. Serving God faithfully, in 1980, they began assisting Pastor John Osteen at Lakewood Church as intern-pastors.

​For the next 10 years, Juan and Rosie both continued to assist Pastor Osteen, under his ordination, as directors of the Spanish 

translating ministry. They also performed pastoral duties such as church weddings, visitations, funerals, and occasionally traveling to Mexico, Central and South America for missions ministry. During this time Juan, a Houston Firefighter, served as Chaplain for the Houston Fire Department.

In 1991, with Pastor Osteen's blessing Juan and Rosie moved to Corpus Christi, Texas along with their four children and began Familylife Outreach Church. As Pastors, Juan graduated from Rhema Bible College and Rosie graduated from the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy.

​Today Pastors Juan and Rosie continue to faithfully serve as pastors giving God all the glory while continuing their ordination under Pastor Joel Osteen.


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